What is a Filipina?

What is a Filipina?

Which category of Filipino women has the better right to claim that it is more representative of the Filipina than the others? None, obviously. On the other hand, should we be content with the emerging global perception of the Filipina? Do we allow the stereotyping to the point that every Filipina in a foreign airport will be asked if she is in the country to work as a domestic helper? Connie

The Filipina Campaign exists to create a balance in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) for the Filipina. Much of the online campaign involves creating new blogs and search engine optimization.

You might ask. What is this search engine optimization (SEO)? Why is it used in the Filipina Campaign?

If you will check out the first page of the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) for “Filipina”, a lot of existing sites have been ranking for that keyword already for a long time, and probably most of them are “optimized” for that keyword too. Dominating the Google SERPs for a single keyword such as “Filipina” is a long term goal. I think it would go the same way for this “Filipina” keyword campaign. Ranking for, say, the keyword “Sexy Filipina” is easier because it’s specific, and less
competition too.

The long range plan of this campaign involves the following stages

(1) Start the filipinaimages.com, a Filipina portal where everyone will link to. Why is it important to link to one or two sites only? IF a lot of people are using the anchor text “Filipina” but the links are pointing to different websites ,then the campaign would be useless. However since filipinaimages.com is quite a new domain, the rise to page 1 in the SERPs will take time.

(2) Sitewide links, not just links from one blog post. Everyone who would like to participate would have the link “Filipina” on their sidebars or footers, linking to a the following sites that we want to rank.

For the current period (January 2008), the sites to link to are:

<a href="http://filipinaimages.com">Filipina</a>

(3) Display badges. All Filipina bloggers will display a badge that says, “Yan ang Filipina”, and then we all link to this site below:


<a href="http://filipinaimages.com">Filipina</a>


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