It’s A Woman’s World – Travel Documentary Series

Julia Cornes is producing this travel documentary series called “It’s A Woman’s World” for The Travel Channel International. got featured in this documentary.

Julia found Dine Racoma and myself through Filipina IMages because they were searching for “Filipina”. It was an informal interview situation than the usual documentary sit down.

They concentrated on me cooking adobo and Dine with the salad while asking questions about The Filipina. It was an action and interview story. Some of the questions asked :

  • What is a Filipina
  • How would you describe the typical Filipina?
  • Why did you start your website/blog?
  • Why do you think Filipina’s have the international perception they do, especially online?
  • Do you want to change this perception and if so how are you doing this?

It was quite fun and informal. But my gosh, I didn’t realize how difficult it must be to produce a show. We had like three angles for the same set of questions. They will travel to Cebu and Bohol for the Philippines series. The show will be come out on October.

Here is background of the Travel show.

Travel addicted Camilla Andersen invites The Travel Channel audience of over 60 million worldwide viewers to journey with her to four very different exotic countries around the world and investigate the best each country has to offer the female traveller from all out adventure to pampering while introducing you to the beautiful and fascinating ladies of the world. It’s a Woman’s World will introduce and immerse viewers into the lives of interesting and inspiring local women they meet. So many travel experiences these days are mocked up for tourism, It’s a Woman’s World wants to avoid these and get the inside perspective on each culture they are discovering

Thank you Julia and Camilla!

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  1. Cara says:

    How wonderful! I can’t wait to see the show!

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