The Filipina on Top: Deconstructing Maria Clara

A new mini documentary titled “The Filipina on Top: Deconstructing Maria Clara,” revolves around the empowerment of Filipinas to overcome concerns such as sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and unwanted pregnancies. The documentary is quite relevant in the light of the Reproductive Health Bill.

The New documentary puts Filipinas ‘on top’ indeed:

“The Filipina on Top” is a sequel to the mini documentary released last year, “The Empowered Filipina,” which also discusses Filipina sexual empowerment issues. Both films are directed by Kamil Roxas, winner of the Hayah Film Competition at the Middle East International Film Festival (MEIFF) in 2008. The film premiered during Illustrado’s annual Women of Substance event held last month at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai.

“The Filipina on Top” touches on sensitive-yet-significant issues concerning Filipinas. It addresses questions such as “Is the modern Filipina well-informed enough not to fall into bad situations? Or are they unknowingly contributing to their own problems?” Furthermore, it hopes to “create awareness on the harsh realities Filipinas face and, at the same time, provide relevant information and worthwhile advice.”

Part 1

Part 2

Filipinas take a stand. A comment in the video says it all . “ONE Filipina woman taking a stand is a good start.. and then ANOTHER Filipina, and then ANOTHER. When all Filipinas use the power of this information & join this said movement, then? there is your guarantee that the society will finally realize that totality of THE Filipina: She is strong & serious when she commands respect..A definite fighter of her rights. This documentary is a tool to awaken all of us. It is every Filipino’s duty to spread the word.”

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  1. Jamilamimi says:

    great job! Please continue to spread the word. thank you.

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