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My eldest daughter says that after you’ve read a year’s worth of Cosmopolitan, it begins another cycle. Only this time it’s a variation on the same themes. She knows these things, we get all the magazines, I trust her. But does it mean that everything we need to know about being fun, fearless and sexy can fit into a mere 12 issues!?

I beg to differ. There are sexy Filipinas everywhere, undefined by convention. Here are my Top Ten picks, none of the Cosmo mold:

  • The sexy Filipina is our previous “labandera” who survived three husbands and has no teeth, even false ones.
  • The sexy Filipina is our current “labandera” who moved to the next barangay and got herself a new husband(!), or was it the other way around? (I should do laundry).
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    ...stay-at-home single parent of four college(!) students and grandma to a boy and his puppy. I'm holding my breath and holding on to my sanity till any &/or all four of the kids graduate. I hold the enviable positions of chauffeur, personal chef, decorator, party planner and chief financial officer, among others:)
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    5 Responses to Sexy Filipina

    1. mildredt says:

      A sexy Filipina is someone who knows how to carry herself in such a glamourous and confident manner. Sexiness or having a radiating sexuality all depends on how a person carries herself. It is more than a person’s weight, height, physical appearance and beauty. I think it is more about having the confidence in feeling sexy, glamourous or attractive within oneself and towards others. Sexiness can also mean living a healthier and happier life. Therefore, sexiness is something that is subjective in nature. I simply believe, everyone can be sexy.-mtagros

    2. filipina42 says:

      I agree! I really wanted to redefine the parameters of the “sexy” definition while still retaining its essence. It’s true that the average Filipina was not lacking in this quality:)

      Thanks for the comment!

    3. mildredt says:

      You’re welcome! Filipina women are a few of the sexiest women in the world.:-)

    4. ferdie says:


    5. Ghost103 says:

      every word, every sentence, when i was done reading it, i just found some one perfect for that definition…its you, how you said it, the idea, and the confidence… you are such a sexy person.

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