Pinay Scandal, Filipina Scandal

If you’re looking for Pinay Scandal, you won’t find it in this entry but wait, let me explain.

Awhile back, around 60 bloggers wrote about Pinay scandal. The sort of mini-seo contest was not really meant to uplift the image of the Filipina as the main goal, but to take advantage of the traffic that “Pinay Scandal” keyword gives. A few bloggers did write about their objections to the Pinay Scandal. They got the traffic alright but is traffic all we are after in our blogs? I guess traffic is important especially if one is into blog monetization. But we can hit two birds in one stone. Get traffic and blog for a cause. ( I do know that some of these bloggers also wrote for the Filipina Writing Project which is a one time project. Kudos to them.)

Now if only these bloggers continue to show the same energy and support the timeless campaign of the Filipina, they will contribute a lot in uplifting the image of the Filipina. We are not a country of “Pinay Scandals” alone. The filipina is……

An influential, affluent decision maker.
A woman, confident and willing to go an extra mile to get things done.
A woman I can trust to take care of my kids.
A sexy woman.
A mystery?
A girl, shy and innocent.
A fun-loving woman.
A beautiful person, inside and out.

Endless, timeless images of a Filipina.

Even the women involved in the “Pinay Scandal” is a Filipina but let’s show the world that is not who we all are.

I want to take the “Pinay Scandal” word back and point it to this site, the to show the world that not all Pinays or Filipinas are prone to scandal.

Please support the WikiPilipinas Filipina Writing Contest, with the mission of uplifting the image of the Filipina.

Remember you are not only writing about Filipino women. You will help uplift the reputation…remove the prejudice, not just against Filipino women achievers but against your mothers, sisters, daughters. Against You.

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