Pinay and Proud: Celebrating the uniqueness of the Filipina woman

“The Filipina is always the life of the party; we’re always the ones singing, we’re always the ones getting people to go to the dance floor. I think it’s really in our culture to be very affectionate and very happy and very humorous.” – Anna Oposa, Ambassador of the Seas

Who is the Filipina?

Is she a world-renowned Prima Ballerina? Or a lawyer-turned-passionate-social entrepreneur? Or perhaps an internationally-acclaimed actress dominating the comedy scene? The answer is, she is all of these – and so much more. Filipinas are known globally – and have been for a while now – for their enviable traits and virtues. While they share many of these attributes with millions of other women around the world, there are still those that are undeniable and uniquely ours; uniquely Filipina.


Human Nature in partnership with Beauty Bar launched PINAY & PROUD to honor the uniqueness of the Filipina woman and the virtues that distinguish her from all others.  Pinay and Proud celebrates 15 exemplary women who epitomize what it means to be “Pinay and Proud.” Our outstanding Filipinas are Cheche Lazaro, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Eugene Domingo, Maria Montelibano, Akiko Thomson-Guevara, Rachel Grant, Noreen Bautista, Rose Cabrera, Ditsi Carolino, Aliah Dimaporo, Bai Linda Eman, Anna Oposa, Isabel Cuevas-Santos, Xilca Alvarez-Protacio and Maricel Valderama.


Human Nature’s Pinay & Proud campaign is a tribute to the uniqueness of the Filipina woman. The Filipina is NURTURING and encourages others to reach the full potential of their God-given talents. She is COURAGEOUS, whose inner strength goes beyond selflessness and enables her to make sacrifices for her family and country. She is an INSPIRING role model by sharing her story so they, too, can achieve great things. Lastly, she is BEAUTIFUL both inside and out, and shines her light on everything and everyone around her.

Through this campaign, Human Nature recognizes 15 outstanding women who embody what it means to be a true Filipina. All women come from different backgrounds, have different skills and gifts, yet one thing remains; they are nurturing, courageous, inspiring and beautiful… and immensely proud of their Filipina heritage.

May this campaign serve as a reminder to every Filipina that amidst diversity in culture, religion or even dialect, she is special and unique. Gone are the days when she would shy away from her origins, for in this day and age she holds her head high with unspeakable joy, pride and dignity. She is Pinay, and she is Proud.

Human Nature aims to continue celebrating of the Filipina woman with everyone through the Pinay & Proud Exhibit which will take place in partner mall establishments from June 26 to August 5.

The Pinay & Proud Exhibit will take place at the following partner mall establishments:

  • Powerplant at Rockwell, June 26 – 30
  • Trinoma, July 2 – 8
  • Shangri-La Plaza, July 9 – 15
  • Greenbelt 5, July 16 – 22
  • Eastwood, July 23 – 29
  • Alabang Town Center, July 30 – August 5

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