Tierra Maria Estates Scam, Philippine Hospital Scam Exposed as Hoax

Background : This entry contains a blog repost and links from Filipina Images readers who voluntarily wrote a feedback on the Conned by a Filipina entry. I had since closed the comments section of that entry. Tim Cumper (sometimes known as Timothy Ellis Cumper, Ellumbra), the alleged scam victim had the audacity to accuse Francis Jalbuena, the alleged scam artist as hiding behind my name. (He’s also blogged about it here, here and here) There are many alleged Scam artists involved aside from Francis Jalbuena. There is Paranaque Medical Center, Tierra Maria Estates, Chin chin Guitierrez…but I will talk about myself.

Let me make it clear:

1. I, Noemi Lardizabal-Dado will not allow people to comment using my name in my own blog. I have control over readers commenting in my blog. It is IMPOSSIBLE that Francis Jalbuena (one of the alleged scam artist) used my name in the comment section. I wrote those comments.

2. I have never met Francis Jalbuena or knew him at the time the blog entry was written by tim aka Ellumbra. Of course , now I know him because I’ve read Tim’s story.

3. Tim does not understand the nature of Philippine’ ISP and IP numbers. I came across a blogger with an exact IP address as mine in one of the comments. IP number is NOT proof enough that Francis Jalbuena used my name. Besides you all know I have FOUR Internet Service Providers. Perhaps, it is coincidence that Francis has the same IP number as mine.

If Tim wants to examine our IP numbers in our computers, he will have to file a case here in the Philippines and ask for a court order to acquire our IP numbers.

4. I am showing the countless posts and links scattered around the internet surrounding the Tierra Maria Estates Scam and Philippine Hospital Scam..

5. I never enjoined Filipina Images Reader to write about this alleged scam but they did, out of their desire to vindicate the Filipina in question, spread the truth and justice of the innocent victims of the alleged scam victims or to take the side of Tim.

6. Judge the links contained in this entry. Read Tim’s story. You decide.

Jepoy wrote about this hoax at hospitalscams.blogspot.com = Severe Case of Psychosis and another reader uploaded a backup of hospitalscams.blogspot.com which is located at archive.org. He accused his girlfriend Mayen, Mayen’s friends, Tierra Maria Estates manager Francis Jalbuena, Tierra Maria Estates itself, Tierra Maria Estates owner Antonio Montinola, Medical Center Paranaque and its doctors, accountant and lawyer, the British Embassy and Filipina Actress Chin-Chin Gutierrez of conspiring just to extort Php100,000 of money from him. All of them blatantly accused on his blogs and videos… ALL FOR Php100,000!!!

The pdf file of the comments of the readers can be downloaded here.philippine-hospital-scam.pdf

Here are several links and resources about this Tierra Maria Estates Scam ,


Captain’s Log: hospitalscams.blogspot.com = Severe Case of Psychosis

Read the Official Statement of Francis Jalbuena

The entry at Filipina Images: Conned by a Filipina

Fil Am Forum Report: Philippine Hospital Scam – Exposed As A Hoax!

Comments of readers on Tim in this entry The “Foreigner = Money” Problem

Philippine Real Estate Broker: Tierra Maria Estates Scam EXPOSED as Hoax

Lalaine’s World: Foreigners… deeply inlove with Filipinas

The Romantic Geek’s Comfort Zone

Siopao Heaven: Foreigner needs psychological treatment

Message Boards

The World of Filipinas Forum

Cebu Nightlife Forum
Romance Scam Forum

If you know of entries that takes Tim’s side, please post it here to give a fair chance to everyone.

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21 Responses to Tierra Maria Estates Scam, Philippine Hospital Scam Exposed as Hoax

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  2. Deb says:

    Thanks for clearing this up, noemi!

  3. jepoy says:

    wow… 4 ISPs?!

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  6. dirk says:

    Wow. This is one very disturbed man. Running away from his responsibilities has already dealt enough trauma to this poor girl. Trying to completely destroy her life by concocting stories and spreading baseless accusations is too much. He’s ending up short of accusing the whole Philippines as part of this “scam”. I’m not suprised if he ends up a murderer or a rapist. I hope he gets help before it’s too late.

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  16. Benno says:

    i have read a lot about this hospital scam situation and the subsequent postings, arguments’, insinuations etc…….

    Yes it is true, that at times i have sensed an underlining feeling of contempt by some filipinas towards white guys. I have also heard the term..’fat white monkeys’ a few times.
    I have experienced many on the internet asking for money, offering everything from undying love to nakedness and prostitution. I have had the usual pleas for help with school fees, hospital bills, rent arrears etc. (Actually, i don’t see any difference between this and people in my own country knocking on my door every week trying to sell me new windows i don’t need or insurance i am never likely to be able to claim against.)

    But i have also witnessed so much racism, disrespect and down right rudeness towards the philippines, the people, the place and the culture…..by white guys who have no first hand knowledge of the place or the problems it faces…..

    Thinking about it……if i experienced the same attitudes towards myself, my country or my culture….i believe i would have much more than contempt. I can imagine i would have complete hatred in my heart for the perpetrators and their like.

    Just to put it in perspective, recently in a national newspaper here there were various articles highlighting the problem of english people been ‘scammed’ for money on the internet..it seems the amounts of money each year runs into millions. Many stories were highlighted and a lot of countries listed to be ”wary of”. The philippines were not mentioned anywhere in the articles.

    The attitude of the authorities investigating internet scams is that, girls from the phils, online asking for assistance, is not a scam, but rather just people in an unfortunate financial position asking assistance and trying to get through life with any help they can get.

    To return to the original story….the guy in question comes across as a bit of a jerk.
    For a start, if he is still married, what is he doing joining an asian dating site.
    Why does he want to get together with a filipina girl not knowing anything about the history, culture, family structure, or having ever been to the Islands before.
    Having been invited to the family house, why is he surprised that he is expected to pay for the food at the family party.

    I myself, have been fortunate enough to have been invited into a family house (a few times now)
    to join the family for dinner…..i would have been incredibly embarrassed if i had not been allowed to pay for the food (although i was never made to feel that is was expected) as i felt it a great honour that people from a completely different culture were willing to invite me into their home having only met me briefly. I have since come to learn that this is quite common in the philippines and possibly unique anywhere in the world.

    It seems to me that if the guy didn’t believe the story, all he had to do was fly there and see for himself….to claim he was ‘afraid’ in case they met him at the airport…what a wimp!!!

    Why does he need anyone to meet him anyway?? its not difficult to get a taxi and book into a hotel by yourself.
    As for not feeling safe….i have walked down the streets of manila alone many times ….at all different times of day and night…i have never felt unsafe or threatened..the worse that happens is you are hounded by beggars and street traders..of course there is danger just as there is in any major city……i personally have felt safer there than i would walking down the streets of london or manchester.

    Or if he felt unable to do that, why didn’t he take some one with him if the girl meant so much to him.

    In his blogs he makes sense with some of his accusations…but just like most conspiracy theorists..its easy to make things ‘fit’ if u look hard enough.

    He claims that while he was there he was taken to see a housing development by the girls employer..presumably on the pretext that he might be interested in buying one…if it really was an organised gang looking to extort or scam money from him then they would have done what they do in many resorts in europe when selling time share appartments …that is to keep him there all day and night if necessary, with no food or water, until he signs to buy one…incedently and quite ironically, the ‘gangsters’ who run these appartments ‘scams’ in the resorts of europe, are mostly english!!

    A final thought…………A guy travels to the philippines, meets a beautiful and sexy filipina girl who looks after him, accompanies him wherever he goes, makes sure he is safe and shows him many of the delights of the philippines….stays with him as his companion and lover, the guy pays for everything and returns home after the best time of his life with many great memories and a big smile on his face.this is seen as extortion apparently.

    Alternatively….the guy travels to the philippines with his wife/ girlfriend….shes doesn’t look after him because shes tired and its too hot, she doesn’t like the food and she misses home already…they don’t see any of the delights of the philippines because neither knows where to go and are too afraid to walk down the street or try the food..she’s his companion but not lover coz they have been together so long now he can’t get it hard for her and she would rather read a magazine anyway….the guy pays for everything and returns home tired, disappointed and has a wife who is sulking because shes tired of him……this is seen as acceptable some how.

    Just a thought!!!!

    I have been to the phils a few times now and intend to go there many times in the future….everytime i leave i think to myself what a brilliant time i have had and imagine how it could possibly get better…but it always does…..of course there are problems, its heartbreaking to see the poverty in manila, the street vendors are a pain in the ass..but generally everyone goes to great lengths to be friendly, helpful.its the only foriegn country i have been to and not felt like a foriegner..Just like a filipina i would proudly defend it against any one critisizing it without even the basic knowledge of the place..

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