Nov 20, 2007

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Uber-Proud, Tanned Filipina

Uber-Proud, Tanned Filipina

pinays.jpgI could get shot for writing this, ahahaha. Not really. Its just that I still don’t understand why there are so many beautiful brown-skinned Filipinas wishing, praying and hoping to be a whole lot whiter.

Well, for one, I could blame 300 or so years of spanish colonialism for making our ancestors believe that if your skintone is lighter or if you have that mestiza looks, you can be mistaken for an illustrado or someone from the upperclass. Or even hold accountable the 4-year japanese invasion or the 10 years or so american administration.

I could also blame the advertising industry for creating and showing those decieving commercials implying that if you’re not white enough, you’re not beautiful, nor desirable, nor glowing. Heck, they probably haven’t seen a tanned or dark-skinned glowing woman.

I don’t blame them. The skin-whitening industry is making a lot of money. According to market research company AC Neilsen, the personal-care industry poured P23.4 billion in advertisements in 2004, a quarter higher than in 2003. (1) And its a craze all over Asia.

But get real, people! Our country’s climate is hot, humid, and tropical. The sun is out for almost 12 hours in some parts of the year. Its either you enjoy where you live, bask in all the sun’s glory or hide from it, scared that too much exposure will make your skin masa-dark.

I admire those beautiful, dark filipina models and actors more – Angel Aquino, Angel Locsin, Miriam Quiambao, Alessandra and Assunta de Rossi, Tweetie de Leon, Wilma Doesnt and the latest Bb. Pilipinas-World, Maggie Wilson. Why, you ask? They actually stand out amongst the hoardes of fair-skinned actresses because of their color and their classic filipina beauty.

Let me leave you with a nice message which I read from the Inquirer website a few months ago… In the long run, a healthy acceptance of one’s body outlasts all the good effects of the skin whitening and weight loss products that the market offers.

I couldn’t agree more.

I’m Aiza, a mom, a wife and an uber-proud Filipina. I’m beautiful, tanned and loving it.


This is my 2nd entry to the Filipina Writing Project and Yan ang Filipina campaign. Come join us too!


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  1. “I’m beautiful, tanned and loving it.” I wish I could say that!
    Sadly, my not believing in those anti-obesity pills has caused me to have to take anti-cholesterol ‘simvastatin’ . It’s side-effect makes my skin ‘white’. Arrgghhh!
    Just goes to show just because you are white does not mean one is taking whitening treatments, neither am I Chinese! I am Filipina, too, but I’m not sorry I’m not classic brown (“,)

    Nice piece Aiza!

  2. Thanks Mylene.

    Good thing you’re conscious about your health, a lot of people still take it for granted. What’s important, regardless what your skin tone is, is that you’re happy with yourself and love the body that the Great Lord gave us.

    Have a great day!

  3. yholababe says:

    This is vey interesting.. I am half spanish…mestiza; complete with freckles! However; I love the beach and the sun…Many spend so much on whitening creams while I try my best to be tan and bronzy… I love looking like a latina….I guess it is really hard to be contented at times…but do not get me wrong; I am thankful for the way God made me…

  4. colonial mentality that promotes that whiter is prettier and darker is less has got to end. Let’s not forget that companies that sell whitening products profit the most from this type of limited thinking. love the skin you’re in ladies. there is enough fabulous-ness to go around no matter what shade you are. YOU are beautiful.

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