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Online, is what I mean. There is this advocacy called Reshaping the Filipina Image Online. It is a noble cause to address the current image and reputation of Filipina women in the internet. It can be a Herculean task given the fact that there are many factors we have to consider and one of them is to spread the word (to Filipinas particularly) that we have to do something to abate, if not eliminate totally, the perception in the internet about Filipinas being bound to domestic helping (not that I have anything against this noble work) and prostituting only.

Before posting this, I am glad to know that when you search and type “Filipina”, the advocacy ranks second. The support must be growing placing them at the top. It’s a good thing. It’s good news. Maybe not a gargantuan task at all.

However, I do hubpages and stumbled upon a hub – Nine Inch Nails and Star Trek. I don’t know the band. Of course, I know about Star Trek. What made me uncomfortable is the line in the hub that says “Mariqueen is not Indian. She is Filipino. A very hot Filipino.” Then I started typing Mariqueen Maandig on the search box and clicked go. Then I saw a lot of ‘revealing’ facts parallel to saying she is a very hot Filipino.

Maybe to some that is just a statement. For the hubber, that is simply stating what he thinks of Mariqueen probably because she is a sensual and a straightforward artist (lead vocalist of the band West Indian Girl). But borrowing a line from Wil – music speaks for itself. It can be for me the same as saying, one’s preferences, beliefs and persona speaks for the person himself.

Being hot can be a good thing but can be another thing, too. The implication of the word is varied but there is danger also that Filipinas are stereotyped as hot in a perverted and twisted sense of the word.

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  1. Tim HuntingHawk says:

    After reading this article regarding the stereotyping (good & bad) geared toward Filipinas, I feel the need to address this issue from my perspective and as a man. I want to share my experiences of my current initmate relationship with my Filipina girlfriend. It’s nearly our one year anniversary and it’s going great! I’m American living in the State. Wanna know what my opinions regarding the labels? When I use the word “hot” regarding a pretty Filipina, it has two different meaning depending on feelings. I perceives it as this “hottie” who display her beauty and how she projects her image with confidence. NOT as to think she’s a babe to go after to hop in bed with. That’s not my values. It also mean she’s “hot” by showing she has a degrees of high self-esteems & good values. That’s my definition of a Filipina being “hot”. My girlfriend has these qualities and that made me feel in love with her for being just that. As far as the “domestic helping” label, I leave that decision to my girlfriend if we ever get hitched. My personal belief are that women are my equal and they are free to choose a lifestyle…be that domestic or have a career. My girlfriend & I discussed about our future and I asked her what would she want to do in her life within our relationship. Her response was she rather be a housewife. That was her choice with NO pressure nor being coerces in making that decision. Again, she’s my equal as a woman, not because of being a Filipina assuming with a negative image that they’re easy to manipulate or forced against their will to preforms something they don’t wanna do that could injured their self esteem or self respect.
    Last but not the least,…This is a sensitive issue regarding exploiting Filipinas for prostitution. I personally am disguised when I saw foreigners, including my fellow Americans (yuck!) are feeding into this by searching and manipulates young & innocent women and teenagers. I know some Filipinas did choose to engages in this business on their own free will knowing that she would have shamed her family. I know they have other obvious reason is economic means to financial support herself either for college or family or whatever. But who knows what her true ulterior motives for doing this, korek? Thanks God my sweetheart isn’t into all this for she have this personal strong moral values and self esteems. Again, I love her to death for being just that strong & attractive Filipina woman! I really CANNOT lose her! I’m ssooo proud of her and admire her for who she is.
    I have said enough and hope you readers appreciates my input on this issue. Salamat for hearing me out :-)
    Sige palaam

  2. Woman says:

    thank you, Tim, for the input. glad that you had found a loving Filipina, and that you treat her as equal. it is respect that we need as Filipinas because there are many circumstances that had led Filipinas to be stereotyped in a negative way. Filipinas are like any other women in any other nation. they deserve respect as individuals. we can prove that we can compete and we can excel in many ways. aside from resiliency, Filipinas, and the Filipinos as well, are happy bunch of people. they are fun to be with. of course, there will always be bad eggs, but what country doesnt have?
    .-= Woman´s last blog ..Pablo Neruda and His Lovely Poems =-.

  3. princess says:

    I am a Filipina, and have met a wonderful foreigner man who I love with all my heart and who loves me right back.. We are looking forward to spending our lives together in the future.. But this negative image of the Filipina woman spreading out through the internet is indeed very true. Even I myself as a Filipina can’t help but get the thought that the women who stroll the malls holding hands with a foreign man are maybe either prostitutes or desperate for an American Visa. I know it’s a very very ugly thing to think that, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets these ideas. And now being one of these women who might someday stroll malls with my foreign hubby, I know that people possible thinking of me that way is inevitable. I am also concerned about how my reputation would be like when I go with him in his country. I’ve read about an instance like this where the woman is discriminated and the guy looked down upon by his fellowmen for having her as a wife… I love my man so much, and I don’t care what other people may think of me, good or bad.. and I am sure that he wouldn’t care as well.. but it won’t hurt to live life with people not thinking that having me as a wife is an embarrassment..

  4. Kakaiba ang blog mo. I’m glad may advocacy para sa ganito. :) More power to you!

  5. Hannah says:

    First of all, bravo on the mission of the site. As a young Filipina in my early 20’s I think that it is important to have positive image sites like these. Also, I find that there is still the fight going on with women in general.

    I have bookmarked this site and have only been to the first few pages.

    The only comment that I have about the site so far is your Google ads as I am not sure if the ads that are being served up (well in this page at least) is helping the site. For example there’s an ad ‘Women seeking older men’ for and it’s ironic seeing the mission of this site. If you could have greater control over the ads being served up on this site, it could at least go to better causes…


  6. Steve says:

    I think this is bullsh*t… the girls are hot and choose that lifestyle as a way to get a new beginning, they are able to stop at any time and as far as stereotypes, all races are put into little baskets. Any time English, Australian, American, German, Italian, French… whatever nationality is mentioned, there is a typified persona that you bring to mind. My opinion is that these girls are hot and let them flaunt their beauty without guilt because they are making money and feeding their families. If you want to fight the problem, look at the tight asses that go there and haggle prices, educate them that what they are getting is exotic beauty and must pay a premium, that way the girls could work less.

    Steve in Australia

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