Filipinas prefer ugly, rich husbands

From Philipine Star

Looks are good but we need cash.

This seems to be true for a majority of Filipino women who prefer to marry for money rather than looks, according to a survey by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) released yesterday.

The pre-Valentine survey showed 51 percent of Filipino women wouldn’t mind marrying a rich but ugly man.

This means the remaining 46 percent would rather marry a good-looking guy even if he were poor.

The women answered the question, “If you were to choose one of the following two persons to be your lifetime partner, who would you pick: A person who is rich but ugly, or A person who is good-looking but poor.”

Only two percent of the women respondents did not answer the question.

For Filipino men, looks proved to be the more important factor. The same survey revealed 52 percent of Filipino men are more likely to choose a good-looking partner even if she is poor.

For Filipino women, financial stability was a more important consideration, with 57 percent saying they would pick a rich but ugly partner, as against the remaining 41 percent inclined to marry a poor but good-looking guy.

Reactions from Twitter ranged from “sad” to “who did they survey?” Times must indeed be hard for women to choose money over looks.

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2 Responses to Filipinas prefer ugly, rich husbands

  1. vicky says:

    i prefer good looks and poor but willing to learn as i need a partner whom i can inspire and who can inspire me to move mountains and make a difference in our lives and other peoples lives. it’s true..he’s gotta be someone whom i enjoy looking at if not someone who has a beautiful heart and who can make me smile…what will you do with all the money in the world hijas if you can’t even endure to kiss the guy when he’s got no money…and ugly…

  2. paul says:

    this is not hard to understand.
    i live in dubai and regularly see young filipina’s with older european looking gentlemen, some of who are “past their best”.

    But, if she truly loves the “rich but ugly” what is the harm.

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