Mar 5, 2008

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She KaDine and I just went live at 8:00 AM on She-ka, a TV magazine aired over National Broadcasting Network (NBN). Isa Litton, the host asked how the Filipina campaign started.

Questions like:

1.Why did you put up this website?

2.What inspired you to change the online image of

3.Can you explain to us how creating a website can
contribute to the enhancement of the image of
Filipinas online?

she ka show
4.Who are the pioneers of this site?

5.(to Ms.Dine Racoma) Can you tell the story when
someone reacted to your online name as “sexy mom”?
Why did you choose this name in the first place?

6.It’s been seven months since the site started. What
are the latest developments?

7.So far, how many bloggers are helping you in your

8.How can other Filipinas help in your campaign?

9.Your site already received a reward. Can you tell us something about that award?

10.Your message to our viewers.

Of course you know the answers to all that. You can view the Dine’s speech over at “Story Behind” and mine at Using Technology in Uplifiting the Filipina Image.

  1. Go Noemi and Dine!
    This is a great exposure for the advocacy. Ang galing naman!
    God bless!

  2. Hi Tita! It was so nice to meet you this morning!
    I would also like to commend you for this very inspiring website!
    Together, let us all continue to uplift the image of Filipina women in world! :O) – Councilor Doray Delarmente

  3. Congrats to Dine and Noemi and to all Filipinas and Filipinos supporting the Filipina Images. This is really great exposure for the campaign!

  4. @deb and @leahcantos- thanks for supporting the FilipinaImages. You and those who contribute to did a great job

    @dorothy- Thanks for your support. Your work is just as inspiring helping our fellow countrymen in any way you can. It was such an honor meeting you.

  5. Congrats to you both Dine and Noemi the work your doing to show the true Filipina image is awsome…

    Keep it up…

  6. I’m currently residing in California and I saw the show and was impressed with what you’re trying to do to clean up the Filipina image as far as the website is concern. You might want to, however, filter/control ads by Google posted on your website because I see a lot of dating and sexy Filipina ads right on your front page. Other than that, more power to you.

  7. @don- thank you for your support. I plan to use one of your entries here.

    @Liza- we do filter those ads. Here is the list

    The problem is new sites come up daily so we enjoin our readers to submit the url of these ads and post it on our “Filter Filipina Dating Site ads”

  8. hi noemi,

    This also happens to our blog site. Especially when I blog about Filipina. I hope you can send me via email, what aldrin and i can do to filter these ads.

  9. @leahcantos- follow the instructions in the link below on how to filter the adsense. I update the list frequently

  10. Hi just wanted to say keep up the good work!

  11. hey id like to talk with you about your blog. please email me – thanks.

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