Apr 24, 2008

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filipinaimages.com featured on Modernong Maria Clara at 100% Pinoy GMA 7

100% Pinoy interviewed me for a segment on “Modernong Maria Clara” that was aired Thursday, April 24, 2008. The episode talked on the image and the evolution of Filipino women.

(If you don’t want to view the whole video, here is the short snippet on filipinaimages,com)

Maria Clara is said to be the quintessential Filipina icon. But the image of Filipino women is said to be evolving. From Rizal’s Maria Clara to the worldwide web’s connotations of the word Filipina, has the essence really changed or is it all perception? If it has, are the changes enough to alter the view of ordinary Filipinos to the Filipina persona?

With the launch of Playboy Philippines, is it fair to say that the public is more comfortable with a non-conservative Filipina image? 100% Pinoy finds out in an actual Playboy centerfold photoshoot. Miriam Quiambao explores the proverbial changing image of Maria Clara, particularly on how it is depicted in the arts and modern day media.

Behind the Scenes

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The interview for filipinaimages.com is basically on the goals of seeking balance in the Filipina images that are available online. I hope the segment producer understood the objectives. I reminded him that we are not out to clean the images. Through our blog posts, we show the world that Filipinas are a diverse group of women.

The short segment was aired after Saksi thursday night and if you are based abroad, it will also be shown Pinoy TV International.

100% PINOY is GMA7’s magazine show about Philippine Arts and Culture and its significance to nation building. It aims to bring back the pride of every Pinoy in our heritage, tradition and identitiy as Filipinos. The program is hosted by Ms. Miriam Quiambao and Mr. Joaquin Valdes.

  1. Thanks for this post, Naomi…

    I enjoyed both video clips you posted here… definitely reminded me of home…

    I think Filipino women have evolved and kept up with the times. However, our evolution increased in leaps and bounds because of our exposure to the various media – TV shows, radio, print, and now the worldwide web… This is good, and bad…

    Good in the sense that… these various types of media allow us to see the world outside the Philippines and its provinces. It makes us think of other opportunities available to us… and it helps us keep an open mind…

    Bad, because these same media… brainwashes us to think whatever agendas the corporations, powerful and moneyed individuals, politicians, and the government have for us… Unfortunately, this, keeps most people from thinking on their own. And decisions are usually made based on these agendas…

  2. @Tess- media loves to showcase beauty most of the time. Though short and sweet, at least filipinaimages.com got shown to national and international TV viewers.

  3. Tess Harris says:

    You’re right…

    I am amazed on the amount of exposure and free publicity you are generating from filipinaimages.com…

    Keep up the great work.

  4. @Tess- that’s because filipinaimages.com is number 1 in the keyword “Filipina”

  5. It’s not anymore noemi :)

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