Filipina Victims in Sex Scandal Videos

I can feel so much for the Filipina mom and her daughter as the latter’s ex-boyfriend tried to extort money so the video uploaded in youtube would be removed. She is lucky because police operatives located the ex-boyfriend. The sad thing here is the video already spread through the internet. She is forever shamed.

Lately, two filipinas became victims of an unauthorized video being spread across the internet. One of the victims is Katrina Halili, the ex-lover of Haydn Kho. Katrina Halili filed a complaint against Kho at the headquarters of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), accusing Kho of filming his sexual encounter without her consent. She is “willing to face all this embarrassment so that other people may learn. I want to fight back because I don’t want this to happen to me again or to other women,” she said. (Source:

“Women should be careful whom to trust. And I want those people responsible for circulating the videos to be punished. I’ll face all of them. Napakawalanghiya nila (They’re shameless).”

Katrina Halili is not the only Filipina victim. Three of the videos are now hot items in cyberspace and are being passed from one e-mail account to another. Copies are purportedly being sold to video pirates.

Suspending the license of Kho does not solve the real problem of sex scandal videos. There need to be a long term solution to discourage the proliferation of these videos in cyberspace.

Based on this shameful sex scandal, lessons can be learned. Bills should be expedited.

1. Sen. Pia Cayetano filed Senate Bill 3267, an anti-voyeurism bill that would prevent a person from videotaping another person, and distributing such a video, without the other’s consent.

Under the bill, it will be unlawful for any person to record or attempt to record any private acts, including but not limited to sexual acts, without the consent of all the concerned parties.

It will also be unlawful for any person to “knowingly possess’’ any video tape, disc or any such record or their copies, “with the intent to share, relay or exhibit the contents.’’

The bill also bars a person from sharing or exhibiting these records.

2. According to Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez, Haydn Kho may be charged under Republic Act No. 9262 (or the Anti-Violence against Women and Children Act of 2004).

He said Section 3 of the law banned treating women and children as sex objects, forcing them to commit indecent acts, and making films of them.

3. Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita also advised the public to be careful in the company of people who might take videos of them and later subject them to “anything that is offensive and embarrassing to your person.”

4. Maybe it is time to revive Senate Bill No. 2464, the Proposed Anti-obscenity and Pornography Act of 1008 filed by Senate President Manuel Villar, Jr.

5. Secretary Gonzalez said the persons behind the production and proliferation of the sex videos could be held liable either as accessories or accomplices in the commission of the crime.

Lastly and more importantly,

6. Bloggers should be responsible enough not to post photos, links, videos of this latest sex video scandal. I feel those who post these may just be as guilty of violating the law. The proliferation through blog posts can be seen as accessories in this commission of the crime. That’s just my opinion


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20 Responses to Filipina Victims in Sex Scandal Videos

  1. Dinah says:

    i agree with you. posting pictures and videos of these scandal only add fuel to the fire.

    Dinahs last blog post..Rough Road in Rodriguez, Rizal

  2. DJB says:

    It seems to me that Katrina Halili herself, and her employers are the most guilty of promoting voyeurism in society. Perhaps the law ought to be directed at her commercial sex promotion activities involving public titillation, soft porn touches and low brow techniques for advertising all manner of commercial products and services. Like Dr. Hayden Kho’s vainglorious attempts at improving on God’s handiwork.

    DJBs last blog post..Live by the Pudenda, Die by the Pudenda

    • noemi says:

      The law may be applicable to Katrina and those responsible for those soft-porn touches and other commercial production of semi-clothed models in ads, TV etc. The bill should be expanded to these TV shows, ads and other public displays including billboards.

      What about the other Hayden victim, Maricar Reyes? She was the girlfriend of Hayden when they were still at medical school. Maricar is innocent and totally ignorant that Hayden had the capability to shoot this sex video. That was taken 2 years ago. Today she is a practicing doctor. She must be devastated. H

      • DJB says:

        Noemi, how many victims would you estimate are there out there from the “work” done by Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes? In the noontime shows aren’t we seeing the “farm teams” that will later blossom into the professional leagues of Katrina Halili Titillators and Maricar Reyes Bimbos? (And let’s not even get started with the Gigols, hehe).

        Yet it is not simply a matter of passing a law. What KH has done all her life is scatter chicken feathers of lust and sex-mania from the rooftops. Now she wants a City Ordinance banning others doing the same?

        DJBs last blog post..Live by the Pudenda, Die by the Pudenda

        • noemi says:

          I am thinking millions of victims involved.

          Maybe Katrina wants to change her image from sinner to saint? Who knows she may be instrumental in preventing others to do the same?

  3. DJB says:

    The public reaction is expectable. They are discovering the utter hypocrisy of the sub-rosa industry in which Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho have both operated and enriched themselves off the vice-ridden, demoralized lifestyle of the common tao. I am cold to them both.

    DJBs last blog post..Live by the Pudenda, Die by the Pudenda

  4. Ishmael Ahab says:

    The Filipino people is indignant of what happened to these ladies but on the other side, these are the same people who are qeueing to watch these videos.

    In the end, the issue will be forgotten and Filipinos will focus on the more current scandals.

    What this problem need is a genuine action so as to result into a genuine progress.

  5. Jon says:

    I felt sad of what’s happening to some Filipinas, yes, I also agree that posting others videos let the fire burning… Hope people who are doing these will think twice before doing something to destroy others reputation and security.

    Jons last blog post..Life with Meaning

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  7. There are lot of victims on this issue, why they need to video what they doing? I feel so sad coz i am also a filipina girl….

  8. Faith says:

    Can a child under 18 start a person injury claim ?

  9. jay-R says:

    dapat ang babae minamahalat hindi pinaglalaruan

  10. Bill says:

    wow where to start, first of all we dont know why they did post but i imagine your victems were not as inocent as you think especially since there was even something to post on internet that was scanal. now images of filipinas well i will say filipinas outside of philippines are the only saving grace of filipinas online. there hard working they dont scam and are honest but here in philippines im just amazed at the things they pull online. as a father even im not filipino but my daughter will be considered filipina i urge everyone out there to not say its ok to all the little playfull games and tricks and jokes and help make this a better known place for its original culture and beautiful islands. dont say its ok………. say dont you dare. practice taking care of ur own nationality not just ur own business. no need stand on soap box and pretend ur helping just open ur mouth when you see it happen and say dont you dare. maybe we can all help this problem. If i ever caught my kids into this kind of mischief god help them for what i would do to them posting online couldnt compare to what i would do for punishment. let get responisble for our own people and famlies and problems will disapear slowly but surely.

  11. samuel says:

    ang pusong wasak madaling makuha

  12. edwin says:

    respect the women in general ‘coz there are lots of reasons why we should do it

  13. b-nal says:

    i agree to that… respect the women.. because we all have our dignity… and we are protecting our dignity. please think first in posting sex video. or else suffer the consequences.

  14. fred says:

    If a guy does that to my future daughter, I won’t call the cops. I’LL KILL HIM MYSELF… :D… Kidding aside I’d like to say that the guy was a B!TCH… He was tough to post those videos yet cries like a baby after getting caught…

  15. j says:

    Just FYI if anyone here has had a video of themselves put on youtube, it is actually fairly easy to get it taken down. There is a report video link.

    In the US and many other countries, you are not allowed to put up anything showing anyone but you without their permission. basically think of it this way, if you were an actress, and your performance was recorded, no one has the right to sell your image unless they have a contract “model release” with you. You are considered a copyright holder. Just press the appropriate buttons under the video… and file a complaint. Youtube makes it very easy. Having a few people do it in a day will get it taken care of very quickly.

    Also, videos of sex acts are against YT terms of service, and will be taken down on those grounds.

    On any server (not just youtube) you can file what is called a DMCA copyright notice with the ISP. just look it up in google to see how it works.

  16. Crazii14 says:

    `dana kung ako lang ung tatay ng babae jan.. sa daan palang pinatay ko na yang lalaking yan eeh.. dapat di na makalabas sa bilanguan yang kupal na yan… di man lang rinespeto ang babae… daaaa!!!!

  17. Dex says:

    Di lang dapat ang lalake may sala pati rin ang babae bakit? mag kakaroon ba ng video kung hindi sila papayag sa sex na yan bakit mga kasal ba sila? Huwag kaagad kayo humusga sa kasamaan ng ginagawa ng lalake sa kanila di manyayari yan kung una pa lang ay hindi sila papatol ng premarital sex. Kung parurusahan nyo lalake dapat pareho lang din sa mga babae dahil it takes two to tango MGA HIPOCRITO !!!

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