Confessions of a Filipina Internet Bride

I allowed the previous blog entry Conned by a Filipina to be posted in this blog in order to show the diversity of the Filipina, whether good or bad. Stereotypes hound on our Filipina who use a dating website to find a lifetime partner. But is it really hard to believe that there are Filipinas who do go online searching purely for love? Filipinas marrying penpals though considered fortunate by those from hard-up families, are generally regarded with disdain by Filipinos from the middle and upper middle class. It really wouldn’t matter if you try to expound or differentiate the details of how you met whether by chatting, online dating, by clubs – to the Filipino man on the street you are still essentially a Mail Order Bride. This entry by Geri narrates the love she found through the internet. Let’s hear her story:

I could remember distinctly when I was in my early 20s my tita Sefing (aunt Sefing) and I were grocery shopping at Rustan’s Cubao I saw this really goodlooking couple with a toddler in tow. The wife was a classy tall, long haired morena (brown skinned), wearing white polo, jeans and heels while the man was even taller, fit, around her age and caucasian. I wished fervently to have a family just like that one day.

But where was I going to find this man? I lived in a small non-touristy city where foreigners seldom wandered over. The only way I could meet them was have my bio and pics published in a penpal catalog (there was no internet then). That would be too cheap, I inwardly protested. I wanted a meeting that would be spontaneous, had drama and fireworks like bumping into this unsuspecting man in a bookstore or in our office. But pen pals?

Read more at Geri’s Confessions of a Filipina Internet Bride

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7 Responses to Confessions of a Filipina Internet Bride

  1. noemi says:

    I love this story. Very hopeful

  2. Lorna Dietz says:

    I have this friend in San Jose who met her husband through the internet. People are so busy here so it is inevitable that they increase the prospects of finding their true love by joining groups. When I first met the couple, they had just been married. They were both working for technology companies in the Bay Area. Then, a year later, I was romping with their toddler at a community center. They’re happy, blissful, and contented. Matchmaking their backgrounds, their interests, and locality (they lived in the same county) made it easy for them to meet in person.

    So, you see, you can find love on the internet — just as you can find love crossing the street with a friend (and yes, that’s how I met my Caucasian husband, in the streets of San Francisco).

    There are no hard and fast rules to finding true love. It just is.

    P.S. Geri, it would be great to meet you during my next visit to Chicagoland (I go there every month).

  3. annonymous says:

    I hope you find love. Please never exclude any of your options, someone who loves you very much may be right under your nose but you’ll never know if you are color blind. Love doesn’t have to be caucasion.

  4. Tbd says:

    Who cares what middle and upper class filipinos think?

    They make up less than 10% of the population and are responsible to a large extent for the poverty that drives many of their women to marry Westerners, drives their young males and females overseas to work, and through their corruption and inability to organize the country economically keep the Philippines down.

  5. Nikki says:

    Yeah it is CHEAP. I mean why don’t you guys work like normal people instead of slacking in front of your PCs surfing for somebody who is clearly desperate to look for a transaction (not a relationship) on-line.

    • lily says:

      It is cheap to you beccause you are narrowminded. Open-up up your “hard drive”, please… But for many who are wanting a relationship internet is one of the ways to go. hey, how many parties you went in a year, how many friends have introduced you to hot men? if youa re you are one lucky human specie. Desperate or not most human beings like companies for life if possible. Unless you are happy by yourself it’s also fine. But don’t judge what others do for love or for money.

  6. bruno says:

    The opinion of Filipinos middle and upper class regarding dating website is totally irrelevant, their concerns should be fight poverty and corruption so widespread in their country, almost I forgot they are the biggest beneficiaries from this situation.
    Secondly every one is entitled to live and pursue whatever deemed more suitable in their lives, so for Filipinos women marry a foreigner is not an issue, after all internet is just another mean to connect and bring people together.

    I know many Filipinos men have a lot of pride, but picking on women marrying foreigner is barking at the wrong tree, their pride should be the incentive to improve the country as whole.

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