A Filipina in Society

Filipina exposed. It’s about time that people started laying it out in the open. Through Janette Toral’s Filipina Writing Project and the efforts of Lorna Lardizabal-Dietz, Dine Racoma, and Noemi Lardizabal-Dado, all Filipinas now have a venue to participate in this global effort to reshape the image of the Filipina.

I, a sexy Filipina mom, a gorgeous Filipina, and an empowered Filipina individual is jumping in to join this online campaign by doing what I do best… blogging.

I believe that the Filipina in the nude is a sexy Filipina. The brown color of her skin is dazzling and beautiful. Her dark hair is mesmerizing. Her short, flat nose is adorable. Aside from her obvious beauty, she plays different but important roles that make her a force constant in the Philippine society.

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