A Filipina (an attempt to define what is vague)

ilai.jpgIn a society maneuvered by media, temporary fashion or what is so-called fad, political matters and issues, penury in knowledge of one’s own roots and history of its own country, lack of subsistence as an independent entity and many other obsolete factors that compose the Philippine society, it is a tremendous task to stand out as a Filipina-in thoughts, words and deeds. It is the time when people begin to ask what a real Filipina is (or is like)- who is a true blooded Filipina? It is always a delicate attempt to be able to define in such resounding words and phrases what a Filipina is. This is dainty attempt I make.Let us read the lyrics of this song I learned in my early years in school about a Filipina. This is one of those many songs I learned at a young age taught by my grand mother who was a born and raised in a Filipino-Spanish culture and traditions.

Ang dalagang Pilipina, parang tala sa umaga

( a young Filipina is like a ray of the sunlight in the morning)

Kung tanawin ay nakaliligaya

(To look upon her brings joy)

May ningning na tangi at dakilang ganda

(She holds this radiance of true beauty)

Maging sa ugali, maging kumilos

(in her character and deeds)
mayumi, mahinhin, mabini ang lahat ng ayos
(dainty, delicate and decent in manners)

Malinis ang puso maging sa pag-irog

(with her unadulterated heart in all her dispositions)

may tibay at tining ng loob

(undaunted and high in spirit)

Bulaklak na tanging marilag, ang bango

( A flower filled with fragrance)

ay humahalimuyak

(that scents)

Sa mundo’y dakilang panghiyas,

(in this world she is a noble substance)

pang-aliw sa pusong may hirap.

(that amuses an afflicted heart)

Batis ng ligaya at galak, hantungan ng

(a stream of bliss and joy that is the remarkable height

madlang pangarap.

(of every man’s dream)

Iyan ang dalagang Pilipina, karapat-dapat

(That is a Filipina, deserving )

sa isang tunay na pagsinta.

(of all the recognition and easthetic)

The song, although indirect and uncertain in nature at its first few lines, denotes who a Filipina is. The song is a beautiful undertaking in defining a Filipina. The lyricist uses metaphor of a Filipina that is a flower filled with fragrance and a stream of the remarkable height of every man’s dream. To be a Filipina defines aesthetic. Jose Corazon De Jesus must have had totally amazing personal encounters and/or experiences with the subject and the object of his writing or perhaps he was just in an excellent state of mind when he composed the song. I do not disagree with him in his composition. It is conformable to hear such remarks from a Filipino gentleman and it is a great experience to see a Filipina as it is in the song.

In the great realm of things, A Filipina is much greater and much more beautiful than a flower and a stream that provides happiness. To be a Filipina is a huge responsibility and at the same time a truly amusing. It shows stateliness and symmetry. A Filipina is a hard working nurse that works days and night in a hospital in some strange country to be able to bring food to the home. She is a passionate teacher in a public school in a foreign land teaching special kids and molding future leaders and statesmen. She is a beautiful and loyal career woman wife of an alien husband and a responsible and loving mother to her exotic kids. She is a great writer, a poet, a singer and a designer. She is a powerful human rights lawyer saving the lives of her fellow men not of her own blood and of people who have diverse culture. She is a doctor, an engineer, a Professional Overseas worker who continues to believe in her power to make a difference. In her own land, she runs a country whose identity is gradually diminishing and sinking yet she continues to struggle and believe in her power to make her country a land of success and peace. She is a responsible citizen, a beauty queen, an amazing person. She is everything every man and person dreams of.

In the midst of adversity and human struggle, a Filipina continues to build a sentry to protect herself from all of life’s misfortune and calamities. She is a sentry herself to her fellow Filipina women in and out of her motherland. She is a Filipina-in thoughts, words and deeds. Filipina ka, mabuhay ka!

About mildredt

I am a pure Filipina- in thoughts, words and deeds. I am proud to be one!
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2 Responses to A Filipina (an attempt to define what is vague)

  1. There’s more to a Filipina than a mere woman seeking for a husband or a woman who is formerly known as DH..A Filipina is an intellectual, sensible human being who is great and excellent in many things that make her look very beautiful (inside out)..

  2. Sudy says:

    I agree wth Mildred.

    Beyond beauty and being what a man dreams of. a Filipina is a human being with a mind, soul, and of immeasurable worth. Not because of flower metaphors (although lovely to hear), but because our culture and blood instilled characteristics of humor, strength, integrity, and spirit.

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